Library Guidelines 

  • First and second grade students will be allowed to check one book out of the library a week.
  • Third, fourth and fifth grade students will be allowed to check out two books a week.
  • The students must bring back the book(s) to be able to check out a new book.
  • The students will be allowed to renew a book (as long as it is not on hold).
  • There are no overdue fines.

Policy for Lost/Missing Books

Lost or damaged books must be replaced either by paying for the cost of a new book, or by providing a new copy of the same title to the library.


1. Return your books when they are due.

2. Keep your books safe. Have a special place where pets and little children cannot access them.

3. Carry your books in a bag. This will protect them from getting damaged.

4. Do not draw or color in your library books.

5. Do not eat or drink near your books.

6. Use a bookmark to save your place.

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