Orange County Resources

The Orange County Crisis Call Center will connect you to trained professionals 24/7 who can talk to you on the phone or meet you at your home or anywhere in the community to help you through a crisis.

Dial 311 or 1-800-832-1200, available 24/7

Merakey is a preventive service agency that provides an array of services to meet the individual needs of each family.  Services are designed to promote positive change, alleviate the impact of crisis situations, empower students and families, and connect with community resources. 

Cornell Cooperative Extension
The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Orange County offers a variety of programs that support families in creating and maintaining nurturing environments to raise children and build resilience. They provide parent workshops on a continuous basis throughout the year.  Previous topics include Discipline is Not a Dirty Word, Resilience, Raising Tweens and Teens, and Children and Media. They also offer the Relatives as Parents Program (RAPP). 

Mental Health Urgent Care
Mental Health & Substance Use Urgent Care provides walk-in care for mental health and addiction for adults & children in the Hudson Valley. Adults and children struggling with addiction or mental health concerns can walk in to the Access: Supports for Living Urgent Care. Everybody is welcome, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. You don’t need an appointment or a referral.  A compassionate team will welcome you or your child to the Urgent Care, work with you to figure out what’s happening, and begin a plan for recovery.  

Orange County Counseling Services

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