Mission of RHABC Committee

This committee is made up of faculty and parents in an effort to stop bullying before it happens. The goal of this committee is to help foster an environment where students feel safe, valued, respected and accepted. Part of the committee's goal this year will be to have a theme every month that illustrates good values such as kindness, respect, friendship etc. Every month our social worker Mrs. Milteer, the school psychologist Ms. Steffes, and our principal Mr. Kiel read books to classes that illustrate the theme of the month. Students are encouraged to emulate these principles of kindness. Throughout the school year there will also be assemblies specifically targeting our anti-bullying theme as well as an awards program to encourage our students.

Definition of Bullying:

First, bullying is an intentional act. The child that bullies wants to hurt the victim.

Second, bullying is characterized by repeated occurrences. Bullying is not generally considered a random act nor a single incident. Rather, a child is repeatedly picked on by another child or is the target of harassment from a whole group of children. It is the repeated nature of bullying that causes anxiety and apprehension in victims, such that the anticipation of bullying becomes as problematic as the bullying itself.

Third, and particularly important, bullying is characterized by a power differential. A fight between two kids of equal power is not bullying; bullying is an unfair fight where the child who bullies has some advantage or power over the child who is victimized. (Vaillancourt, T., Hymel, S., & McDonnell, P.(2003). Bullying is power; Implications for school-based interventions strategies. Special issue: Journal of School Psychology, 19, 157-175.)