Students program Sphero robots to help them paint

Students program Sphero robots to help them paint

Students throughout the district have been learning to code with Sphero robots. These robots are small spheres that are programmed through iPads. By the time last Friday came around, technology coach Dana Gropper already had the students in Dina Martirano and Deborah Boerke’s fifth-grade class at Round Hill programming their bots to paint!

“This is our first year learning with robots,” said Cianne Liston, fifth-grade student. “So far we have programmed them to bowl and go around obstacles, and now we are painting.” 

Students partnered up and picked paint colors to create their abstract pieces. Then they programmed the robots to paint in the direction they wanted. 

“Using the robots allows them to explore and problem solve on their own,” said Ms. Martirano. “There is no right or wrong answer, which makes it a stress-free environment.”

“I like using the robots because it makes me feel creative,” said Candace Mensah, fifth-grade student.

Principal Ms. Shaw watches as three students use program Sphero robots to paint.
Two students use iPads to program Sphero robots to help them paint.
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