Mindfulness March: Students practice mental health daily

Mindfulness March: Students practice mental health daily

Students at Round Hill Elementary School have been focusing on mindfulness in the month of March as part of their Choose Love program. Each day of the week, students will be participating in at least one activity that prioritizes mental health. 

“Mindfulness is a really important concept to teach children at all levels,” said Kristin Shaw, principal at Round Hill Elementary School. “It’s really important that they learn from an early age to be reflective and to ask questions and take time to think about things.”

Teacher assists student in writing prompt.

“Moving into Monday…Mindfully,” features calming music played over the loudspeaker as students enter and get situated for the day. “Tuesdays with Tess Leavay,” Round Hill music teacher, features Ms. Leavy playing the guitar for students. “Wednesday Midweek Breathing Break” allows students to take time during morning announcements to take some deep breaths and relax. “Thankful Thursday” allows students to appreciate what they are thankful for and on “Free-write Fridays” students will be given a writing or drawing prompt to reflect on. 

On Friday, March 10, 2023, students were asked to answer “what are their hopes and dreams for the future?” 

“I hope to be Spiderman when I grow up,” said Kindergarten student Brent Aidoo. “I really like helping people and I love Spiderman.” 

“I want to be a mom when I grow up,” said Brianna Rosas Galeana, kindergarten student. “I want to be able to paint my child’s nails.” 

The last “Free-write Friday” prompt of the month will ask students to write about all the things you love about themselves. 

“We want to recognize, even if they are small wins, they are doing amazing things everyday and they should feel proud of it.”

Student in pink glasses and overalls writes at desk.
Student smiles as she lays on floor and writes.
Student in green shirt smiles.
Student in blue sweatshirt writes.
Student in pig tails writing.
Two students sit on floor writing.
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