Letter to Round Hill Parents: Morning Drop Off & Afternoon Pick Up (2021-2022)

Dear Parents, 

Welcome to Round Hill and the start of another School year. We are all very excited to begin the year with five days a week of in person instruction.

Please take note of the following: 

  • September 1st is the first day of school for all students.
  • School will begin at 8:40 AM.
  • Dismissal will begin at 2:55 PM.

The following information applies to you if you are driving your child/children to school. We have made several important changes to our morning drop off and afternoon pick up procedures.  It is important that you follow these procedures in order to ensure a safe experience for your children. Please read the directions outlined below and refer to the attached maps. 

There will be some differences between morning drop off and afternoon pick so please read each procedure carefully.  Most importantly, we can no longer have parents gather outside in front of the school for pick up.  All parents who are picking up must remain in your cars and enter the pick up line which will form at the Round Hill Road entrance.  Please DO NOT enter the bus-only loop from Route 208. We will be running our Pre-k this year and only Pre-K parents will be allowed in the front parking area. Due to the anticipated large number of students who will not be riding the bus, please expect the process to take some time.  We must make sure that each child gets into the correct vehicle and that you are authorized to pick up.  You must bring I.D. with you and have it readily available when you get to the pick-up point.  If you are sending someone else to pick up, make sure they have an I.D. and are officially listed on SchoolTool.  Staff will check your I.D. and compare it to our official pick-up list.  Once confirmed, the students may enter the vehicle and you can exit the school via Route 208.    

Morning Drop Off:

The drop-off line will begin to form at 8:20 AM.  Please do not arrive prior to this as we will not have staff available to assist.  Enter the school from the Round Hill Road entrance and follow the arrows up the access road.  You will stay on the left hand side of the access road. At the end of the access road is a large turn around area.  If you have a child in Kindergarten, you will be able to drop them off to staff there.  That way they can directly enter the K-wing. If you do not have a kindergarten child, you will continue to follow the access road in the reverse direction and then turn left to the North door where staff will assist in unloading all 1-5 grade students.  Once your child is clear of the car you may proceed to exit the school grounds by driving through the gates to Route 208.  

See the Drop Off Map HERE.

Afternoon Pick Up:

For the afternoon pick up we will follow the same traffic pattern up and back on the access road.  Please note that there will be no kindergarten station in the afternoon.  All students in grades K-5 will be dismissed out the North door.  You may begin to line up by 2:50 PM.  Inside the school, the students will be organized so we can quickly and efficiently bring them outside to your car. Again, staff will be outside to assist in showing where the line begins.  Once your child has entered your car, you may exit straight out to Route 208. Please be patient with this process as the safety of the students is our primary concern.  Expect delays and tweaks to our procedures as we monitor how it goes. 

See Afternoon Pick Up Map HERE.   

Best regards,

Steve Kiel

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