Kindness Week 2021

Dear Families,

In celebration of World Kindness Day on November 13, 2021, Round Hill Elementary will be hosting Kindness Week from November 8, 2021 through November 12, 2021.  We will be learning about caring for others and ourselves, ways to show kindness and practicing being kind. Our hope is that our children will develop a better understanding of how to be kind to others. We would love for you to talk to your child about kindness at home, too! 

Here are some strategies you can try at home to support your child's understanding of what it means to be kind: 

  • Discuss why being kind would make them or someone else feel good.

  • Identify the ways we can be kind to others.

  • Discuss the way we feel when others are kind to us. 

Thank you for joining us and your help in building these important skills. We know your partnership will positively impact your child. 


Mrs. Milteer and Mrs. Berard
School Social Worker and School Psychologist 

Kindness Week Schedule of Events

Monday 11/8
Kindness Scavenger Hunt Begins!

You'll receive a copy of a Kindness Scavenger Hunt for each student, you can complete it together as a class, or however else you want if older students are more independent.  The point is to remind kids to be on the lookout, take notice of,  and be mindful of the kind things they see happening at school.  Any student that completes it and turns it into the office will be entered in a raffle for a special prize! 

(Scavenger Hunts are due to the main office on Wednesday.) 


Tuesday 11/9
Grow your heart by being kind!

Wear pink or red day. 


Wednesday 11/10 
Show kindness by donating to the Round Hill Food Drive!

(Scavenger Hunt worksheets due)


Thursday 11/11
Veteran's Day (No School)

Show kindness by remembering our veterans. 


Friday 11/12
“Thank You” Extravaganza

 Express your gratitude to someone important by writing a thank you note/card (and actually give it to the person!) 

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