Kindergarten students learn about the importance of following directions

Kindergarten students learn about the importance of following directions

Robotics has been taking over Round Hill library. Throughout the months of November and December students have had the opportunity to read, interact and learn all about robots. 

Toy car lined up at start line.

On Friday, December 9, 2022, kindergarten students read the book “Hello Robots” written by Joan Holub with Kerilee Berben, Round Hill librarian. This book emphasizes how robots need to follow directions to function, much like humans. 

“Everything I do with students ties back to a book,” said Ms. Berben. 

Ms. Berben and Ms. Dana Gropper, technology coach, then led the class in an activity that had students work together to get a toy car from the start line to the finish line by following left, right and forward directions.

“I liked playing with the cars,” said Gianna Jimenez, kindergarten student. 

To make the course a little more challenging, Ms. Berben then put roadblocks down that imitated lava. Students needed to work as a team to navigate around them. 

“I love the library,” said Paris Stylez, kindergarten student. “It’s a lot of fun.

Ms. Berben helping students during lesson.
Student in white shirt playing with the car.
Two students working together during toy car activity.
Student wearing pink and student wearing red doing an activity together with a toy car.
Student in tie-dye blue shirt with hands under her chin and student in grey sitting at table.
Two students sitting at table at Round Hill library.
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